I find it amazing that the new energy bill passed and nobody is pitching a fit. Come on people! You simply have to wake up and start making your elected leaders responsible to YOU! This energy bill is a classic case of “see the silly monkey.” While we are all revelling in the fact that there is a tax credit for hybrid vehicles (more on that later,) nobody seems to care that there are HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS in rebates to oil companies! Hello! They toss $300 at you for buying a Prius and suddenly its okay to that the fat cat oil companies continue to rape us… this is OUR MONEY they are getting. They are getting this money while making RECORD PROFITS!!! Tell me why it is okay to give these companies money?

Okay, back to the subject of these fuel efficient vehicles and the tax credits – more bait and switch. The tax credits are ONLY on new vehicles and ONLY a certain number per manufacturer will be allowed. Hmmm…. why would that be? Well, for starters, even though you can convert your used vehicle completely to electric and become MUCH more fuel efficient, there is no money going to oil companies or car companies if you do that… once again, big business stands in the way of real progress – real change – real environmental solutions. Also, the number of credits per company is designed to give those big businesses late to the party, an equal share of the new sales. Heavy campaign contributors like GM and Ford are not able to compete with Toyota and Honda right now so this little stipulation was slid into the bill – again, big business stands in the way of any real reform.

Also, these new hybrids are crap! They are not fuel-efficient vehicles. They are ‘more’ fuel efficient than other vehicles currently on the market, but the Dodge Colt I bought in 1983 got 53 miles per gallon!!! These new hybrids can’t touch that! A recent study showed that manufacturers could simply make cars lighter and double their gas mileage without affecting comfort or safety. Call it a consipiracy theory, but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and craps all over us in form of any energy bill like a duck, then it’s a friggin’ duck!

It is time that the average American gets his head out of the sand and starts to pitch a fit!