Well, I got Lou a little buddy – nope, not another dog… a cat. Our neighborhood “crazy cat lady” has a BUNCH (and needs to find more good homes if you know anyone that is interested,) so I broke down and decided that Lou could probably handle another warm body in the house while I was away. Geez, how many people do you know that get their dog a pet cat?

Anyway, the adoption is conditional. The conditions are that a) Lou makes the adjustment and it does nothing to impinge on his life/needs; b) that it is not too much of a hassle for me, having never dealt with litter boxes and such; and c) that if I decide it just isn’t working out, she will take the cat back.

cat0004.jpg It is super affectionate and very people-centric. The litter of four was found by the neighbor and fed with an eye dropper until large enough to eat on their own. She put in many, many, long nights feeding them and seeing to their needs – because of that, they are more imprinted on humans than any cats I have ever seen.

The new cat spent the night last night and we are still working with Lou on subdueing his natural instinct to chase and catch the cat, but I think it is going to work out.

The neighbors called it Mr. Sun, but I am trying to come up with a good name for the cat… right now I am leaning toward Blaze as a tribute to his coloration. (Its a he) Give me some ideas!!