Well, death has sent me a reminder of my own mortality recently. It started when a client and friend passed away from cancer recently and nearly continued yesterday when another good friend was in a head-on collision. Many of you know EJ and know that he has been in Florida running his roofing business for the past year.

I got a call from him early yesterday saying that in a couple weeks he would be heading back to Houston for awhile. A few hours later, I got a call from a mutual friend that said EJ was involved in an auto accident. The details were sketchy at best with his condition being described as “serious and okay” in the same sentence. After tracking down his parents and finally erasing all the layers of “he said, she said” stuff – I finally got to talk with EJ.

Apparently, he was a passenger in a pickup without a passenger’s side airbag. The head-on collision messed him up pretty good leaving a huge gash across the forehead and several torn ligaments and broken bones in his right hand. He escaped the reaper purely by luck and is now facing countless surgeries by hand specialists and cosmetic surgeons.

Things like this used to roll off me and my “I’m invincible” mentality – but more and more, it makes me sit up and take notice of how short our time in this gig really is.