About twenty minutes into the documentary Born into Brothels, I caught myself thinking, “This isn’t all that revolutionary. It isn’t the dramatic human interest story it was made out to be.” Well, it was about that time that I “got” the film. I was expecting an edgy piece on the children of prostitutes. I was NOT expecting it to be a film about bringing the art of photography to those children and using it as a tool to attempt to improve their station in life. It is not hard-hitting journalism, it is not high drama, but it IS an excellent film.

I am not really sure what makes it excellent, but there is something about their photos – something about the optimism of a child – something about hope that makes this an excellent film.

RATING 9 out of 10

Read on for Ocean’s Twelve review

Ocean’s Twelve is pablum for the masses. This moronic tale is long on star power, but short on anything else worth a damn. The story makes …… uggghhhh, forget it – its just not worth even talking about. Poop on a stick!

Soderbergh proves once again he should NEVER be allowed to direct another movie. (And it looks like he is going to screw up Che Gueverra’s story in Che soon)

RATING 5 out of 10