Yesterday was pretty cool. I worked until 3:30 and then I went into town to get a haircut. I also bought a flower arrangement to take by Dawn. She really liked the flowers and we had a pretty good evening. She looked like a chipmunk because both of her cheeks were swollen. She kept getting mad at me for making her laugh because it hurt. Well, not much else as far as news goes. In world events… it has been determined that a bomb was responsible for the crash of an airliner over Scotland that killed around 250 people. Relief works are in progress for earthquake ravaged Soviet Armenia in which the dead were numbered over 20,000.

This entry is interesting on several levels. First, I failed to mention in the post that the reason Dawn’s cheeks were swollen was because she had her wisdom teeth removed earlier that day.

The simple aside about world events is very interesting in hindsight. The Lockerbie airline bombing was one of the earliest terrorist acts by fundamentalist Muslims against the Western world. It would take 13 more years of attacks around the world (and the U.S.) and the events of September 11th to evoke an all-out response by America.

Also, the comment about the earthquake is a reminder that the Soviet Union was still intact. The Berlin Wall wouldn’t fall for another year and the USSR would last another three years. Crazy, huh?