First entry of the new year! Well, I’ve been to see Dawn every night for the past five days. Don’t freak out – theres nothing romantic going on… she is happy with her friend Brad – in fact, she’s in Corpus Christi visiting him which probably explains why I found the time to write.

My foot injury flared up – it developed an abcess and just as I thought it was getting better, it swelled up and started hurting. This morning I went in to see Dr. Ted and get it fixed. It was his day off and he saw me anyway. (He is a good friend of my dad.) He cut it open and squeezed all the puss and blood out. It hurt like #@*!! Right now its 9:30PM and it hurts like hell. I haven’t been able to bicycle or play basketball in several days.

I also lost my voice yesterday. I don’t feel bad, but I can’t talk very good.

In the sports world – #1 Notre Dame deated #3 West Virginia in the Fiesta Bowl total to capture the National Championship. UCLA defeated Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. UCLA’s quarterback Troy Aikman is likely to be the number one draft choice of the Dallas Cowboys – but I think if Steve Walsh decided to quit college ball early, he would be a good choice.

Well, I guess that’s all for now and until next time, may all your jumpers hit nothing but the bottom of the net.

PS. In reading back, I realized that I didn’t explain the foot injury – back on the 20th, I stepped on a toothpick which went into my foot about an inch. It was right on the ball of the foot making walking impossible. It got better and a couple of days ago, it started to swell so I had to get it cut open today.

Another interesting post… I spent an awful lot of time that Christmas break writing about Dawn even though we had been broken up for a very long time at that point. Reading the post also caused me to reflect on the fact that my dad, his friend Dr. Ted and Notre Dame’s football program are now dead. The post also points to conclusive evidence of what I call my greatest sports prognostication flub ever… I was in the Steve Walsh camp and thought that Aikman would not develop into a long-term pro QB. Oh well.