#43 – Music triplecast featuring NON-podsafe tunes.

(Time: 23:31)

This cast features three songs that have played a part in my development of music appreciation. Thanks to my aunt Sherry for hooking me up and getting me off to a good start musically.

Dave Clark FiveGlad All Over
Blues ImageRide Captain Ride
Jim CroceRoller Derby Queen

Podcasts I am digging
Five Hundy by Midnight
Bitz of Brin
Bluegrass and Old Time Music Radio
Living on Earth

I want to thank all the listeners for tuning in – the growth has been amazing and I really appreciate the feedback. I have a special favor to ask… Show #50 is coming up and I would love to get some audio feedback about the first 49. Please, please, please send your audio files to [email protected] or call the voicemail line 206-202-3644.

Intro and outtro music is I’m on Board by The Ride Theory.