Delta brought one planeload of refugees from the New Orleans airport to Atlanta on the return flight that originally brought supplies to the city. A FedEx plane brought toiletries and toothbrushes to refugees stranded at the Houston Astrodome. Thank you for those TWO magnanimous actions. Hello!!! Two frickin’ flights is all that our airline industry can manage?

We have a line of busses attempting to empty New Orleans and a working airport. Why is there not a line of airplanes on the tarmac in New Orleans coming and going with busloads of evacuees? In this global community, why do these people have to rely on a 12-15 hour busride to escape? What’s wrong with flying them to arenas and convention centers all over the country? Shame on American Airlines, shame on Continental, shame on Delta, shame on Southwest, shame on Northwest, shame on America West, shame on USAir… and shame on all the ones I can’t remember that also received US taxpayer money to bail out their profits. And shame on the stadiums and convention centers around the country that are not pleading for a chance to help these people.

Shame on corporate America for being all too quick to accept our money, but turn their backs when their customers have a need.