Well game one is in the books, the Cowboys started off a little wobbly, got things under control and then hung on for a wild ride. The defense as a whole did not do a very good job – it took two very luck 3rd down penalties to keep drives alive that lead to their two final TD’s. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of some areas of play that stood out.

QUARTERBACK — Drew Bledsoe is Drew Bledsoe. He holds the ball a long time and takes a lot of sacks… BUT, when he throws the ball, it goes where it is intended. He also doesn’t get flustered in tight situations. Overall, he did a great job in his first game as Captain of America’s Team as he surpassed 40,000 yards for his career.

RUNNING GAME — Julius Jones is the real deal. He wasn’t flashy, he wasn’t a big-time gamebreaker… but he was consistent and kept running all day. At the end of the day, he turned in some nice totals and if he can stay healthy, should turn in a pretty good season.

RECEIVERS — In preseason last year, I was perplexed as to why the Cowboys would keep Crayton on the roster. He dropped balls, he blew routes, he made mental errors. Well, it goes to show that just watching someones preseason games is not a good way to judge their ability. Crayton ROCKED! He is a bona-fide NFL receiver and could become a great part of the team’s offense. Witten is superb as usual and Keyshawn Johnson even showed up.

DEFENSIVE BACKS — This is our source of greatest strength (Roy Williams) and greatest weakness (Terence Newman.) The problem is that everyone knows Newman is back there and even with the addition of Anthony Henry, we have pretty porous coverage. They nutted-up at key times, but it was their poor play that set up those tight situations.

Cowboys 28 – Chargers 24