Crash tries incredibly hard to be important. It tries incredibly hard to be edgy. It tries incredibly hard to be relevant. It tries incredibly hard to be entertaining. It fails on all counts. The film was universally applauded for facing the issue of racism… but that is not what it does. It not only promotes racism, but it completely misunderstands the issue.

Crash is overly appreciative of itself and it’s “here is how the world really is” approach is insulting to anyone with a brain. It is mildly entertaining as it does a fair job of winding a rather intricate plot line together. Had it stuck to storytelling and tried to leave the social commentary out, this would be a very likable movie. As such, it is hard to enjoy the story while being beaten over the head with such a big, dumb stick.

In retrospect, once you get past the obligatory racial lesson plan, I think I really just dislike it because it has a rather negative take on humanity. I think the lesson it leaves is just “hey bub, that’s the way it is… deal with it.”

RATING 7 out of 10