Battlestar Galactica continues to surprise and shock me. First, I was surprised by the new “imagining” of the old series. This television show rocks. Then, I was shocked by how fast the episodes seem. I sit down to watch the newest hour-long show and it ALWAYS seems like 13.2 seconds later, it is over!

Everyone knows that after shock comes awe… and Galactica is no different. The season finale was awesome! I mean talk about a frackin’ cliffhanger… I haven’t looked forward to the next season of a show this much since the end of the Sopranos first season.

The whole thing caught me totally by surprise as I thought we had at least a dozen shows left in this season. I mean, come on – I was sure we were only on the third or fourth show… its not fair – even the seasons are travelling at light speed.

From the look of the picture, even Grace Park (Lt. Sharon “Boomer” Valerii) appears stunned that the season is over so quickly.