Well, I have decided that I would keep an hourly blog during Hurricane Rita for as long as I have power.

Last night at about 2AM, EJ and I figured it was safe to try to get some gas for our trucks. We had heard of the lines earlier in the day and guessed that if we did it in the middle of the night, there would be no problem. There was a problem.

In EJ’s truck, we went from station to station only to discover they were all out of gas. Just before abandoning the plan, we opted to try one last station and as luck would have it… there was a tanker truck filling the station. The only problem was the line of cars for a dozen blocks. Thinking quickly, we circled back through a parking lot in hopes of getting in line a bit closer. I know – it was a rotten thing to do, but we had already spent an hour trying to find gas and EJ was fast running out.

We got in line with only a few disgruntled honks and looks and sat there. We sat there and sat there. Finally, we made it to the front, got our gas and got the hell out of there. I decided that since I had 3/4 of a tank, I didn’t need gas all that bad and went to bed.

Considering I went to bed close to 4AM, I was surprised to wake up feeling chipper at 8AM. It was then that I decided to post on an hourly basis about what is going on, and what I am doing. I will try to include pics when I get the chance, but that might not come to often.