Okay, I have spent the first hour really just catching up on what has transpired in the past four hours. The good news is that the barometric pressure is rising and Rita is no longer the 3rd largest hurricane in recorded history. The winds have also dropped down to 170mph from their 175mph high last night.

I also used some crazy logic to determine that if I went out to eat today instead of eating my own food, I would have more for later in the event that food becomes important later. I jumped in the truck and started to run down the road to a fast food joint. Ummm… the traffic was INSANE. Apparently, everyone in the city decided to leave town this morning. Once you emerge from the neighborhood, all of the roads are parking lots. When 5 million people try to leave a metropolitan area at the same time, it is just not going to happen.

There have been talks of opening up the major interstate highways outbound both ways. Well, I opted not to grab something to eat and instead headed back to the house. I figure that later tonight, most of the people will be gone and I can go check things out.