Okay, it is definitely heading more toward us now. The good news in all that is that we are no longer set to get the “dirty side” – but because we are closer to the center, we actually will spend more time in the hurricane force winds… I didn’t say it was “great” news.

I am pretty sure that the power will go out sometime Friday. I should be fine today even if the rains start up late tonight. In advance of the power running out, I decided to take a little preventive action. I have all my candles together (that 100 count bag of tealight candles I bought five years ago because it was such a great discount could come in real handy,) I put my matches in ziploc bags and stored them in the vegetable bin of the refrigerator, (I figure it should stay pretty dry in there.) and started emptying the ice bin into bags. The goal is to fill the entire freezer with ice so that when I lose power, I can put perishables in a large cooler and be good for another day.

Because I saw how slow the ice maker was going to be, I filled a ton of large cups with water and will have a ton of ice in just a couple hours. I have used this technique before when going camping and the like. I do it the night before and then have a cooler full of these solid ice cylinders.

You can’t tell I attend a lot of sporting events, can you? (Actually, I go to very few – I am just one of those guys you see collecting cups at the end of the game.)

In the next hour, I intend to secure a couple of my non-essential computers, store as much as the video production equipment as possible, and generally look for useful things I can do.