Well, most of my friends were planning on leaving town this morning and more and more I am finding out they have abandoned their plans to vacate. Stories of 22 hour drives to East Texas and the like are discouraging to folks – especially when their is not enough gas around to keep a vehicle running for 22 hours. Looks like a lot more people will be riding it out than expected.

In further preparation news, I sure love rechargeable batteries. While the rest of the city is fighting their way to stores only to discover they are all out of batteries, water etc., I have charged batteries of every size and shape. It helps that we use a ton of battery operated equipment in our video production business and long-ago opted to save money and the environment by switching to rechargeables.

The batteries are all charged. The refrigerator has every available space filled with bottles of water – its tap water, but if a water main breaks, it will taste like liquid gold. Okay, liquid gold probably tastes gross, but you know what I mean. The neighbors are hard at work boarding up windows and battening down the hatches, but I think I am pretty well set.

The only thing that could possibly go wrong now is if the satellite went out before Battlestar Galactica airs tomorrow night. By the predictions, it looks like I could miss Friday’s episode. I want to put out a plea in advance for someone to please record it for me… hey, you have to have your priorities …right? 🙂