Katie over at http://happykatie.typepad.com sent this to her fellow Houston Metrobloggers:
Anyone wanna’ go with me this weekend??? Let me know and maybe we can meet somewhere and drive together.

If you would like to volunteer at the Astrodome, there are 3 shifts available:

6 a.m. (12 hours)
6 p.m. (8 hours)
2 a.m. (4 hours)

You can enter through the Kirby/McNee entrance and say that you are with the Harris County Citizen Corp or else you will be turned down. We would suggest taking comfortable clothes and some identification. This information comes from the Houston Red Cross: 713-526-8300 or http://www.houstonredcross.org/.

If you would like to donate blood, please call 713-790-1200 to find the nearest blood bank.

Bring a friend; together we can help them start over.

Thanks Katie for the information… I will be going this weekend. If anyone wants to do the middle of the night shift 2AM tonight or Saturday night – shoot me an email… I assume that is the shift with the most need.