This Week in Houston has officially launched. This podcast features news items from around the Houston area. The reporters are “citizen journalists” who record their own audio and send it in for inclusion in the podcast. TWiH covers a wide range of topics including all of those covered by typical media, but with a decidedly grass roots edge. Gone are the overhyped media stories – gone are the rave reviews about corporate sponsored events and products. Gone is the “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality. TWiH and podcasting in general is bringing the people back into the news.

You can participate! Want to get news of your organization or event to Houston listeners? Want to share that story of the interesting person down the street? How about a little-known oasis of fun in the middle of our concrete jungle? You can record your stories and/or reports in .MP3 or .WAV format and mail them to [email protected] OR you can simply call in your story to the voice line 206-202-3644. (Sure, its long-distance, but most cell phones get free long distance anyway.) And the best part? If you flub it up – you can record it over!