Its over. After three years of running the BigDog Basketball League, I am shutting it down. Yes, three years of running a sim nearly every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! It was a lot of fun, but the addition of podcasting to my hobbies list (four shows and counting) has really eaten into my free time. As the podcasts continue to develop, it will mean even less time available for the sim.

My sim sports dynasty began with the BigDog Basketball League (BBL) and grew to include the BigDog Football League (BFL), BigDog League Baseball (BLB), NCAA College Football and NCAA College Basketball. It included a coordinated timeline that allowed sim fans to play sports year round and not get burned out on one game.

Due to the huge amount of time required to run the baseball league, it died after two seasons. The pro football league also met an end midway through its third season for the same reason. College football was dropped because it only existed to feed rookies into the pro game. In the end, the BBL (pro basketball) lasted for ten full seasons and both it and the college basketball sim were closed down today.

I have put a call out to the GMs of the league offering all the saved files in the event that someone wants to continue the league(s).