Wow! I am stunned. Nardo is a poop machine! I had no clue that cats do the doo so MUCH! This cat is 1/2 the size of Lou and puts out at least four times the grunties. How anyone can deal with more than one housecat is beyond me… it seems like every 15 minutes I am emptying about 40 pounds of Mr. Hanky. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, but not much – as soon as he drops a brown bomb in the litter, he sprints to the food bowl to reload.

I think the goose has been oversold as the king of scat – and the saying should definitely be changed to “like bum nuggets through Nardo.”

(Count the different ways of saying ‘ass apples’ used in this post and win a prize… hehe, and don’t worry I have enough prizes for EVERYONE!)