That’s right – my music podcast, the PMC Top10 was on Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code today. He played the promo for the show and marvelled at how its starting to happen. We are changing the face of radio.

Speaking of podsafe music – the real breakout artist of this whole music movement is Brother Love. He has gotten a ton of play on my shows as well as all over the podcasting world. His latest hit, There She Goes rocketed right up the podsafe charts to the number one spot as the Brother became the first artist to have two #1 songs in the PMC Top10. I was talking with Brolo about doing a music video for his last #1 – Summertime, and we figured out how to make it happen. He is New York, and I am in Houston – but we are BOTH going to be in LA in November for the Portable Media Expo. I think we are going to adjust our schedules for a couple extra days and get the thing shot.

This is big stuff and we are all in on the ground floor… where everything is super exciting and the possibilities are endless. Stay tuned cause we are going to shake things up – or better yet, get involved.