Did anyone else catch Saturday Night Live and the return of Ashlee Simpson? First off, you have to give her credit for jumping back in the saddle after being tossed so badly last time around. Or maybe you just need to give her manager (father) credit for playing damage control.

I think the show was great. It was great proof of what I have been on about for the past six months – the fact that we are being fed crap on the traditional airwaves and that things like podcasts are changing that.

Does anyone actually believe Ashlee Simpson can sing? Did you hear the show? AAARRGGH that hurt. And I am usually not one to get into things like wardrobe (unless there is a malfunction) but geez, what the hell was she wearing? It looked like some sort of punk maternity blouse and her hair reminded me of – well, nothing… I have never seen anything like that. (I mean, who has seen a Rastafarian Milk Maid?)

Like I mentioned earlier though – I was pleased as the show was further evidence that just because someone gets airplay, it doesn’t mean they are any good. If you want to hear music that is selected by listeners and not corporations – check out my PMC Top10 podcast. These are the top songs being spun by podcasters all over the globe. They are in the top ten because they are good, not because they are being forced on us.