The Cowboys have lost two games this season and BOTH of those I put firmly on the shoulders of Coach Bill Parcells. He has an excellent passing team and he is afraid to use it. Parcells continues to run the ball when everyone in the stadium knows he is running – and passes when everyone knows he is passing.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in establishing the run early and making it a huge part of the game. I believe in Jones’ ability to carry the ball – but come on, you gotta be a little less predictable. Parcells is afraid to open up the game and in the rare occasion we have a lead, he trys to milk the clock for FAR longer than our running game can. When we need to make a big pass play, we have always made it this season – so why won’t he trust the team’s ability to make a big pass play to establish or build a lead?

Now I am not a coach basher – I never have been. In the history of the Dallas Cowboys, I have rooted for every single coach and this is only the second coach that has received criticism. (Switzer received a bit of my ire when he destroyed what Jimmy Johnson had built.) I never questioned Landry, heck, I never even had a problem with Chan Gailey – but Parcells you better recognize that you cannot force a team to conform to your game plan – you have some great talent and you need to modify the plan to meet their skills.

Don’t even get me started on the horrendous defensive play calling!