Rize rocks! This documentary tells the story of the clowning and krumping movement. This dance alternative to the street gang life has grown into a huge movement (pun intended.) There is no way to describe krumping – you MUST see it to understand it. And even then, you must understand it to truly SEE it.


At first glance, it looks like violent popping and jerking, it looks primative, it looks tribal… and there is a lot of truth in that first impression. It is however, much more – it is an expression of emotion. It is a positive outlet for energy. It is a family. It is a way of life.

David LaChapelle takes us into the world of this dance movement that rises out of South Central L.A.. He did two other films, Clowns in the Hood and Krumped – that apparently cover the same subject – I will definitely check them out.

RATING 8 out of 10