I miss a lot of “must see” TV – most of it doesn’t appeal to me. I thought I would run down a few on my list of ‘never seens’ and even a few ‘seen but can’t stands.’ This entry will just list shows on ABC.

Never seen:
Hope & Faith (couple of hotties, but how good can it really be?)
Hot Properties (can you say Desperate Real Estate Agents)
Alias (I heard it was decent, but missed the start so never got into it)
Invasion (again, I thought it might be decent, but missed the start)
LOST (thought the whole premise looked boring – sounds like I could have pegged this one wrong)
Desperate Housewives (looked like trash)
SuperNanny (uggh)
Grey’s Anatomy (couldn’t get into another medical show)
Boston Legal (looked stupid)
Wife Swap (uh – boring)
Life with Jim (has anyone seen this show?)
George Lopez (I like him, but can’t get into sitcoms)
Rodney (another formula sitcom)
Freddie (see above)

Seen but can’t stand:
Night Stalker (what a horrible remake)

So what do I watch from the ABC lineup?
Commander in Chief (love it!)
Nightline (depending on subject)
20/20 (sometimes good, sometimes boring)
Jimmy Kimmel Live (I skip the guests and the bands – the stuff with Cousin Sal, Aunt Chippy, Uncle Frank etc. are good)

Look for more networks and cable channels to be reviewed in the future.