Okay, so everyone has heard about Apple’s video iPod by now. It is supposed to revolutionize how we get movies, films, etc.

Apple released it starting at $299 and suggest that you can watch movies, television shows, home movies, video podcasts, music videos and more. The 1st season of television show “Lost” is available for download at $34.99 with music videos coming in around $1.99 each. OUCH – do they really think we will pay the DVD price for a low quality version on a tiny screen?

While I do see the potential of the delivery model – it is too early – too small – to hard to see – too costly – and just waaay too trendy.

It is a huge divergence from the whole movement to HD… we are going the opposite direction here for the sake of portability. For me, there is nothing out there worth paying for on the small screen that I can’t wait to see at home.