I just got back from town. I went with my brother Tim, his wife Sandra, their sons Blake (Scooter) and Brian, and the neighbor’s three kids Chris, Gary, and April. We went to Putt-putt and played. I won. I had a score of 40 on a par 36 – the next closest was Tim with a score of 50. We had a great time.

I rode the stationary bike earlier for 10 miles and lifted weights for quite a while. Tomorrow I’m going to pack for college – I’m not leaving until Wednesday – but I’ve got a lot to get ready.

More national interest material – in the movies now are titles such as Rainman – Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise; Twins – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. Rainman is really good and I think Dustin Hoffman deserves an academy award for hsi performance. Twins is really funny and I think that Arnie has succesfully made the transition from action to comedy. Well, that’s all for now – I’m gonna do a little reading.

Hoffman did in fact win the Oscar for Best Actor, so I guess I pegged that one right. I am pretty sure I mentioned the Putt-putt victory because normally Tim and I are within one stroke of each other with him coming out on top more often than not, so to beat him by 10 strokes was a big deal.