Yet another busy weekend… if you listened to my Saturday podcast, you know about the fall I took in the garage Friday or the return to basketball stardom. Let me pick it up from that point.

After I put the podcast to bed, I waited around a bit for Tony and Allison to arrive from Victoria. They were going to his sister’s party Saturday and came in early to hang with me. When they showed up, we all went in the backyard, kicked back in the cool weather with a nice fire burning and chilled while listening to some music. I think we finally went to bed around 3AM.

Saturday, started off with some computer work until my guests woke up. We then headed out for a breakfast buffet courtesy of Tone. We pigged out pretty good and then headed to store to get some Halloween makeup. Once home, we watched a little TV and talked about what we wanted to do. It was decided that we would take Lou for a walk.

Allison walked Lou while Tony and I strolled along behind. We headed all around the neighborhood and back into the woods by the bayou. As you can see from the photo, Lou was none too pleased with the large Frankenstein we found along the way – he growled, barked, rutted up the ground, and generally protected us. It was a good walk after our large breakfast. Allison and I did some video karaoke while Tony checked his email etc. and then we watched some more TV until it was time for them to get dressed for their costume party.

tonespook1.jpg tonespook2.jpg
I put on Tony’s face – as he was wearing cloak ala the Grim Reaper. The design was best described as a “creepy dead guy.” They headed off to the party and I put together the PMC Top10 for this week. That podcast is exploding in listenership and despite getting a few critical emails, I think it is going very well.

Sunday, I woke up and was inspired to change the PMC Top10 logo – I like the new one a heck of a lot better. EJ kept calling and wanting me to help him trim the bushes at his folk’s house, but I put him off while I worked. Then, I went out and trimmed my own bushes while Lou ran on the lead in the front yard. EJ & I headed to the library to return some stuff and after a couple side trips returned to trim his parent’s shrubs. We then went for a bike ride around the ‘hood before calling it a night.

I got an email from iSportsCaster asking me to be one of the podcasters for the NFL teams. After telling them I didn’t audition (in my best – I’m a big podcasting star – attitude,) I was signed up to do the weekly Dallas Cowboys report. It was something we were looking at doing on Lone Star Gridiron anyway – expand into other areas of Texas football, so it seemed like a good time. I put together the first Lone Star Gridiron Cowboys Cast and posted it to both sites. Both sites are looking for a Houston Texans reporter too if you are interested!

There you have it – another weekend without much down time. It’s good to get back to work. 🙂