Can someone please tell me why I wanted a house? The answer is becoming increasingly hard to find. I have just spent the last several hours digging up the side yard trying to find a leak in my water pipe. This is the same water pipe that leaked about six years ago – I patched it up and figured I was set for awhile. I guess awhile = six years. I will most likely spend all of tomorrow digging, and most of Wednesday cutting new pipe and fitting the joints together. Oh joy!

This comes on the heels of a boatload of things falling apart. I have about six bulbs out in various hard-to-reach locations. I have four sets of blinds that the cat destroyed. (Don’t get me started on the cat – look for a full-on cat rant soon.) I have a tiny leak in an attic pipe that I didn’t discover until the drywall started showing stains. I have holes in my window screens. (More fun from the wonderful cat, Nardo.) One bathroom is about six inches deep in shredded toilet paper. (Uh yeah – Nardo decided that my idea of buying toilet paper in bulk was his cue to do his shredder impersonation.) I have a hot water heater that overflows if I turn the heat up high enough to take warm showers. I have shower curtains with large holes. (Nardo enjoys climbing them.) I need new carpet in every room, new paint in every room, and generally just a new house.

Hmmm… I guess this did turn into a cat rant… partially at least. He is responsible for a ton of my homeowner woes.