My interview on the show “You Are the Guest” is online! Bill Grady does the show out of Fort Dodge, Iowa and for my money he is the Johnny Carson of podcast interview shows. Don’t get me wrong, Rob at Podcast411 (my interview on that show will be out later in the week) does an AMAZING job as well and I love his format, but Bill’s format allows him to be more conversational. Anyway, check out the interview.

Bill and I seemed to hit it off very well and plan on working on some promotional stuff together in the future. We stayed on the phone call another half hour after the interview ended to discuss the future of podcasting and generally just chat. I highly recommend the show whether you have an interest in podcasting or not because he interviews people from all walks of life and puts together a very entertaining show. In fact, if you think there is something interesting about you and your life, you can even be a guest… that is the name of the podcast. Go to the site and fill out a simple form to be considered for a future show.

I’d love to hear your interview!