Chicken Little was a lot of fun. I saw it this past weekend and had a really good time. I know, I know – everyone is ripping the film pretty good, but it all looks like playa-hatin’ to me. Disney’s first solo computer-generated film is NOT the greatest of all time. It is NOT the end-all and be-all of family films. It is NOT even the best film of the year. It IS however, a fun film that will make you smile.


Come on, how can you NOT like a cute little chicken dancing in his undies?

That makes three home runs in a row (Scrubs, Garden State, Chicken Little) for Zach Braff – expect to be seeing a lot more of him.

RATING 8 out of 10

I also saw the movie Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Is it just me, or was this a bad movie? I read all the Douglas Adams books back in high school and absolutely loved Hitchhikers. I didn’t really care for Dirk, or So Long… etc., but I did truly love Hitchhikers. So I should love this film right? Uh – not really.

I don’t know if it is because the characters are much different than they were in my imagination or that the film was actually bad. I just don’t know… what I do know is that if this film were a hitchhiker and I were a truck driver… I wouldn’t even slow down.

RATING 6 out of 10