The trip to California is underway. I boarded the 737 at Houston’s Intercontinental Airport enroute to Ontario, California. I snapped a shot out the window somewhere above the border between Arizona and California. I had a very interesting conversation with the guy sitting next to me on the airplane about podcasting. He had heard of it, but didn’t really understand what it all meant. A few hours later, he is very interested in having me talk with his company about possible podcasting applications. Overall, the flight went smooth despite the in-fight movie – The Island.

Despite the fact that the expo began this morning, I didn’t figure I would miss too much with my noon arrival. I was a bit surprised at the small footprint of the expo. I was expecting something much larger – not ComDex large, but certainly something that takes longer than ten minutes to traverse. It was a good thing that the expo was not really my reason for coming. The real value of something like this is not in the booths selling cases for your iPod, but in the conversations you have, the people you meet, the business connections you make and those after-hour meetings which germinate the best business plans.

Adam, Russell, Aaron, and the C-Dogg.