Day two of the Expo is over and it was another full day. I will attempt to list all the folks I met up with at the end of this post. I am sure I will miss a few and to those people, all I can say is “Ooops.”

This picture is me with Podchick, otherwise known as KFC (I don’t think its a chicken thing… but can’t remember what it stands for.) Her and I met up at one of the NUMEROUS after-parties last night and discovered that not only do we have the same birthday – it is the exact same year and everything. I have never met anyone born on the same exact day as me before… so that was kind of cool. Today, everytime we saw each other heading to or from meetings etc., we would both say, “Happy Birthday tomorrow!” She invited me to join in her birthday activity tomorrow, but I didn’t feel that my back was ready for skydiving.

Superstar podsafe artist, Bob Gentry came by for an interview. It was great to finally meet him in person after knowing him as an artist and blogger for the past few years.

Wendy from Gabberjaw got the whole, “This is Bob, spin his song “Upside Down” spiel a couple times.”

A partial list of cool folks I hung with at the expo. In order of who I met first.

Russell Holliman – Treocast
The German Guys
Aaron – The Big Show
Adam Raimer – Madtown Aces Productions
P. Dilly – Podcast Pickle
Brother Love
Rob Safuto – Podcast NYC
Leo Laporte – This Week in Tech
Patrick Norton – This Week in Tech
Blair Garrou – DFJ Mercury
Brian Kalata
Matthew Holden –
Scott Fletcher – Podcheck Review
Jack B – Fosco & Jack’s Kickass Podcast
Fosco – Fosco & Jack’s Kickass Podcast
Nate – The Nate & Di Show
Di – The Nate & Di Show
Wendy – Gabberjaw
Yaz – Bibb & Yaz Take Over the World
Bibb – Bibb & Yaz Take Over the World
Bob Gentry
Adrina Thorpe
El Nacho – Rambling Retard Rampage