Well, I knew from the moment I saw him, that he was someone’s very well-loved dog. He was too clean, too well-mannered, and just too loveable not to be missed. It turns out that my new friend’s real name is Romeo and his owner has spent a couple sleepless nights praying he was okay. I got a call from the neighborhood pet hotline that they knew who the dog belonged to and gave me the lady’s number. I called her up and simply said happily as she answered, “I have Romeo!!”

“Oh my god… thank you, thank you. I am sooo happy. I will be right over,” she went on and on – her voice breaking with the happiness of knowing her beloved Romeo was fine and coming home.

I gave her directions to the house and headed to the driveway to meet her. I also called Mindy to run out fast and get a picture of me with Romeo before he headed home. We had a fun couple days and anytime he wants to come back he is welcome.


Romeo jumped right into the passenger seat as she opened the door, jumped out, and gave me a huge hug. She told me that she was grateful that he was found by a dog lover and said she prayed each night that if she lost him forever, he would be picked up by someone who would give him a good home. Lou and I were invited to come visit him anytime and I told her that we would definitely take her up on the invitation. It was sad to see him go, but not as sad as the constant thoughts of how upset I would be if Lou were missing overnight for two days. I was overjoyed to reunite them and see the strength of their bond.

A little bittersweet, but a very happy ending.