Well the college semester is in full swing now. I’m rooming with two people – Davad Sneed and Bryan Orsborn, we get along like typical roommates. The classes that I’m taking this semester are as follows: Body Mechanics, Gymnastics, Teaching/Coaching Techniques of Basketball, Psychology of Aggression, and Physiology of Exercise.

The weather is getting nice enough to ride my bike again. Class is really going well so far – I really like Body Mechanics and Exercise Physiology. I haven’t seen enough of the others to decide yet. I’m shooting for a 4.0 this semester. If you’ll stop laughing for a minute, I know I’ve said that before but its time for me to get serious.

My mom is going for another operation on February 1st, the actual operation is the 2nd. I’m hoping everything goes fine.

Well I’m not seeing anyone in particular up here yet <---key word. I've got my eye on a few options.

My friend from Houston – Terry Rochen is back at college. Everyone is glad to have him back. I told his parents that I would help him with his schoolwork if need be.

I only rode 2.7 miles today because my riding shoes are too tight and I tried to wear them today. Tomorrow I’m going to wear my regular shoes and ride at least 15 miles. I also plan on updating this journal soon – that is, going back and reread it and finish what I’ve forgotten to write. So if I’ve left you in the dark about anything – fear not the conclusion is forthcoming.

A big post with a very scattered approach. I touched on a lot of things that were happening at the time. My moms surgery was fine. The roommate situation with Dave and Bryan was a ton of fun, a ton of conflict, and well-worth it all.

It’s funny that of all the friends from college… those are the only two that I regularly talk with… Dave on a daily basis and Bryan every couple weeks. I don’t see Rob since he left the company. I haven’t seen Terry ever since I kissed a girl he liked in my last year at SFA. Jon and I used to be very good friends… that is until he announced he was gay. I guess he was expecting some big sort of drama – but I basically said, “Okay… that’s cool,” and didn’t see how that changed anything. Sure, I did get a little tired of it being the only thing he wanted to discuss – sex was rarely a topic of conversation before, I just didn’t see why it should be the only topic after he came out.

Oh well – save the drama for your mama, cause daddy ain’t interested! (I just came up with the second part of that saying and am officially coining it)