Well alot has happened in the past few days. Yesterday – Wednesday went pretty well, I guess. I rode 12.3 miles on my bike and I had a flat tire so I had to walk home the final 3.5 miles. Terry, Dave, and I went and played basketball too. We took turns playing each other one-on-one. First, I beat Terry 20-18, then I beat Dave 20-14. While we were playing against each other I got asked to join in another game so I went. We played two games and the team I was on won both. Overall, it was a very good day for basketball.

Today I skipped both of my classes – no reasons or excuses, just lazy. I’ve mainly been sitting around reading or watching TV all day.

As you can see, a good day of basketball meant a lot more to me than a good day of attending class. Hmmm… that is still true. 🙂