Selections from my personal journal during college.

Friday, I went to all of my classes – we ran 3 1/2 miles in Body Mechanics and we worked out in Gymnastics – I was pretty tired. Oh, I came in first in the Body Mechanics run. I think I am going to ask the instructor out on a date in my Body Mechanics class. Don’t worry – she’s my age… a gorgeous graduate student

The 23rd Super Bowl was played today. The San Fransisco 49ers beat the Cincinnatti Bengals 20-16. I was upset as I was rooting for the Bengals. I went bowling with Tonya, Bryan, Linda, and Terry. I bowled the worst game of my life – oh well!

I called Sandy to ask about the class I missed – she was cold. Overall, it was a pretty bad day. I was upset because I like Tonya (she’s a great friend and maybe could be more) and her roommate Linda likes me (I like her as a friend butm I have too many other interests right now.) Anyway, Tonya is seeing this guy named Brock and although I really only want Tonya to be happy, it still upsets me. Basically, I was being a butthead tonight because his name kept coming up in the conversation and Linda kept making advances. (It was taking away from me pouting! haha)

Oh, Bryan has taken up riding – we rode 11.8 miles today and he wants to ride to Houston (roughly 120 miles) on Spring Break. I’m game, I hope he gets in good enough shape. Oh, and my brother Tim may come see me tomorrow, hopefully he will bring Scooter with him. Well, it looks like this is a good stopping point.

Wow… like sands through the hourglass…
This one is chock full of intrigue. A love triangle… or is it a hexagon – there were too many in college to remember. More reminders that I used to be in good shape… that is a bummer to read – haha. I did ask out the instructor and we did go out a couple times. She went on to fame and fortune as a women’s basketball coach. The thing with Tonya got more and more screwed up. Bryan and I never did do the ride to Houston and Tim did bring Scoot along for the visit.