I am at work now – well in a few minutes anyway. I’m working at my parent’s company – Victoria Stained Glass Studio, Inc. during the Christmas break. I run the computer for them.

About 9:30PM last night I played basketball with Roger Keith, his brother Neal, and Tony Vasquez. Yesterday morning the part of the toothpick left in my foot came out after some digging. It was about 3/4 of an inch long. My foot feels great now. It didn’t hurt at all during basketball last night. We played for about two hours. I felt great because I stuffed Roger (blocked his shot) and he’s a heck of a lot taller. I plan on play basketball this afternoon too.

An interesting mix of thought processes in this entry as well as some peripheral information on what was going on. I mentioned my parent’s stained glass company and that I was doing computer work. What hasn’t been mentioned is that for the previous few years before college I worked in the studio as an artist. That’s right – I designed church windows. I probably know more about the Bible than most people who attend church regularly just from having drawn images of all the stories over and over and over.

In addition, since large amounts of my free time at college was spent playing basketball, it makes sense that the Christmas break would also contain a ton of hoops.