You guessed it – yet another jam-packed weekend. It really got started Friday night when Mike and I headed out to Galena Park to catch a SUPER second-round playoff game featuring two of the top 5 high school football teams in the state. Spring Westfield took on Galena Park North Shore and it was a whale of a game. Check out the Lone Star Gridiron podcast for an audio wrap-up.

As if a long night of football weren’t enough, I had to complete the new Pod Music Countdown show before going to bed since I planned on being busy all Saturday. The PMC Top10 show is absolutely blowing up as more and more listeners are downloading it each week. (And this is ALL without being listed in iTunes.) I am not sure why I cannot get this show into iTunes, because it is configured exactly the same way as my other three shows and they are all listed. Anyway, I finished the show at around 4:30am and caught a few winks before my day began Saturday.

Dave showed up at the house around 9:00am and I was up but not really ready to go. After getting my butt in gear, we headed to the RenFest. It was the final weekend and would have been the first year in about a decade that I missed had we not went. The weather was excellent, the food was deadly (but very tasty) and it was a good time. We shot a lot of pictures (Dave shot most of them) and I will eventually put a selection on Flickr. We ran into Carlos and Tatiana, although we got split up somewhere around the jousting tournament. It was cool because I hadn’t seen them in quite awhile. We got home a little after dark and I settled in to take care of some stuff around the house.

Within minutes Brian and Melissa showed up and invited me out to eat at Hooters. I am so weak, I knew I needed to do stuff around the house, but bolted with them anyway. We got to Hooters about an hour before the UFC 56 pay-per-view event so decided to stay and watch. It was pretty sweet as usual. One bout was horribly boring, but the others were very entertaining – including the final bout that featured a dramatic and brutal knockout… fun stuff.

After getting less than four hours of sleep in the previous 48 hours, I went ahead and crashed out. Seven hours later, I woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning and decided it was time to spend quality time with Lou. Lou and I went to the dog park and hung out with a whole bunch of cool canine friends. He ran like the wind with his new buddy Roscoe, sniffed every rear end that came near, and generally had a great time. We stayed there for about two hours and got home just in time to watch the Cowboys game.

The Cowboys put together a good game mainly because Detroit played so bad. (But, that is a subject for another post.)

I was then given tickets to the Texans-Chiefs game and discovered just what a LAME draw the Houston Texans have become. I talked to NINETEEN (19) different people to see if someone wanted to go to the game and nobody was interested in the game. The good news is that I had 19 people that I could call, the bad news is that the tickets went to waste because after talking to everyone, I was convinced it wasn’t worth my time to go watch them play either – haha.

Well, it was a long weekend and as usual, I am glad to be back at work so I can relax.