Since my family does their celebrating on Christmas Eve, I had all of the next day to myself. Well, Lou and I had the day to ourselves. So what do you do on a day when all your friends are unwrapping gifts at home with family and all the stores are closed? You give Lou his Christmas gift – a day at the dog park. Trust me – he LOVES this more than any chew toy or rawhide.

OH BOY! OH BOY!!!! Good times!

Another dog parent offered to snap a pic of the two of us. The wind was playing havoc with both of our hairdos.

Whats this? Something to chase?

What speed… what grace… what form… What was I chasing again?

No he is not posing… Lou is actually doing his little peel-out routine (he thinks it intimidates the other dogs.)

(sniff sniff) Huh? Hey HEY!! Who’s down there?

Are you still following me?

Alright… you can tag along.

A quick drop by the watering hole before getting back to the action.

Ed made a dramatic entrance when he didn’t notice the pond while running at full speed. After everyone got a great laugh… Lou and Ed introduced themselves.

Ed! You’re doing it wrong… the fun stuff is back here.

This little fella seems to literally fly around the dog park.

Still flying, but Lou and Ed are on his tail.

Almooooost there…


All tuckered out – we can go home now. 🙂

This is a very abbreviated tale of the 2 1/2 hours we spent at the dog park. I have hundreds of photos of Lou with dozens of dogs, but figured I better keep the post to a readable length. Anyway, it was great fun for all involved. If you have a dog and think the dog park is just a park where you can bring your dogs… you couldn’t be more wrong. It has NOTHING to do with you. It is a place where your dog will have the time of its life… meet new friends… sniff a smorgasbord of butts… play games you’re too slow to play… and have a romping good time.