Well, I started working out at the YMCA last week and they have this system called Fitlinxx. It is installed on all the weight and cardio machines and it tracks how much weight you lift, how long you ride etc. Back when I worked at the Y, they were just installing the system and I was bummed because they didn’t have an internet aspect. I even bugged the head office and told them that it really needed the ability to check your progress on the internet – graphs, charts – the whole deal. They told me “most clients wouldn’t ever use that.” Haha

As it turns out, Fitlinxx has come a long way… they now have an internet front end and while it doesn’t have all the customizable graphs I would like, it is very addictive.

I have just been going for a couple days now so I got a very late start to the month, but here is how I stand so far in December.

Rank for the entire facility 420
Rank among men at the facility 149
Rank among men in my age group at the facility 55
Total pounds lifted 11,180

I will do my best to continue to improve the rankings throughout the month, but January should be much better as I won’t be starting halfway through the month.