Well, the blogspamming is getting pretty darn bad. This is when someone sets up a machine to basically search the web for blog entries and leave a very simple comment with a web site they want to promote. They are very easy to spot because they say something generic like “I really enjoyed your site www.cialisisthebomb.com” etc. I get hit with a ton from sites that contain collections of quotations.

Well, MovableTyle 3.2 has a lot of blocking tools included and eventually I will be upgrading, but for now I am just going to lock down the commenting a bit. I am simply going to not allow any comments to be published until I review them. Most of the time it wouldn’t be a problem because I can catch them pretty easy – but last night this site and the Pod Music Countdown were both bombed by about 100 comments each. I spent quite a bit of time deleting the comments and banning the IP addresses.

This is par for the course for the slackers of the internet – those people who brought you things like popups and email spam. If you are one of these people – try getting out of your basement, washing your face, and get a real job. Losers.