Selections from my personal journal during college.

Yesterday Tonya, Terry, Linda, Holly, Michelle, and I went to the SFA basketball game. It was fun – both the boys and girls teams played and they both won. We came back here afterward and had a couple pizzas and watched a movie.

We discussed tentative plans to spend Spring Break in New York City – hopefully everything will go as planned. Right now only Tonya and I are seriously planning to go… and shes only half serious. No biggie eitherway – although it would be fun. Tonya also invited me to Los Angeles this summer to spend two weeks – it could be fun and tentatively I plan on going.

I did skip classes Friday but I’ve decided to get serious now. I still don’t know what the deal is with Tonya yet… We’re good friends and in the event that something more came of it – we have that as a good foundation. More details as they come… Later.

Well, the NY trip didn’t happen and neither did the LA trip. “The best laid plans…” The carousel of girls just keeps on spinning too… funny stuff.