huskyice1.jpgOkay, this may not seem important to you, but darn it – the people need to know. I have found the best fountain drink ice in the city. The restaurant Husky’s has not only the best ice, but the coolest drink fountain.

First the ice. It comes out in those tiny little squares… small enough to quickly cool your drink, but not as small as crushed ice. It is the perfect combination of cube and crush and chills the drink instantly. I really dig this ice.

The ice comes from the very cool beverage fountain. What makes this one different is that not only can you order all the regular varieties such as Coke, Dr. Pepper, etc… but with any of the drinks you can add flavorings such as vanilla, cherry, or lemon. It is all built into the fountain. You fill the cup with ice – touch the flavors you want added and then the drink choice… a perfect cherry Coke or cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper. Hey, its the little things in life… 🙂