Most of the information here was lifted from the CyFair Freecycle group. It is a recycling group in my area – search the web for Freecycle to find a group in your area.

gr_recyc_50.gifEarth Day Challenge – Dont buy anything this weeked… what do you win? A less cluttered home, and the satisfaction of knowing that you did a small part for Earth Day 2006

In honor of the 36th annual Earth Day and what it is all about, let’s use this weekend for the following!

* Post as many offers as you can rather than tossing things in the trash that would then overload the landfills.

* NO WANTED WEEKEND! Let’s not add to our collections this weekend, only take away!

* Conserve energy! Knock your A/C thermostats up a few degrees. Feeling hot? Go outside and pick up neighborhood trash for 30 minutes at a time, then come back in! Your home will feel cool!

* Conserve water! Try not watering the grass this weekend, and go without washing clothes! Start a trend to use water one less day each week!

* Reduce Air Pollution! It’s inevitable. Our vehicles are sometimes our backbone in society, needed for our day to day activities, AND, it’s just part of how Freecycle works! I challenge you to ONLY drive where you have to this weekend, and don’t go any further than 5 miles one way to pick up an item!!

* RECYCLE!!! Almost everything these days is recyclable!!! Put them in a bag or box and recycle! Coke bottles, pizza boxes, plastic bags, milk jugs, etc.

The first Earth Day, in 1970, aimed to help develop earth-friendly habits like recycling household trash, properly disposing of pesticides and other household toxins, and resisting the temptation to toss litter out the car window or over the shoulder. Of course, this is not where it stops, but doing even a little bit this weekend could be a good start.

We should all remember to conserve energy, conserve water, reduce air pollution, and take the time to recycle for an overall waste reduction.