Let me start by saying that I am very brand loyal. When I decide I like a product, they have to really screw it up to lose me. I was wearing high-top white Converse basketball shoes long after it became uncool just because I liked them. It took them discontinuing the shoes to lose me as a customer. Well, that brand loyalty extends all the way to my backside.

I have bought Scott Extra Soft toilet paper for years. It was the best value in terms of softness and cost. Imagine my surprise today when I discovered it has changed – drastically. It was never the softest tissue on the market, but now it is like freakin’ sand paper. And there was no warning on the package about it being “new” “improved” or even “suckier” – nothing. I can now say without hesitation that I am searching for a new brand.

I am sure I’ll find something good in the end. 🙂