Selections from my personal journal during college.

Two days in a row! Well, I talked with Tonya and its my opinion that her and Brock are getting back together although she hasn’t said anything either way. I talked to Anne today but she was riding so she said she’d call back —> she didn’t. Oh well, I’m not gonna call her back.

I left a message on Margie’s answering machine to call me, but she didn’t. I also left a message at the ZTA house (sorority) where Kelly lives but she hasn’t called back either When it rains it pours.

It looks as though I’m on the downward swing of my many romantic peaks and valleys. Such is life!

How is that for a sad entry? Four strikes in the same day haha. I guess it served me right for having four girlfriends I could call in the same day – ahah. The next few entries continue the romantic lull, but fear not, Dear Reader, for it did turn around shortly.