The odds on favorite to be selected as the #1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft is Reggie Bush. Houston Texans owner Bob McNair has made it abundantly clear that they are looking long and hard at Bush. So why don’t I believe them? In this game of Texas Hold ‘Em, there are way too many cards on the table for McNair’s bluff to work. The most obvious reason the Texans will not select Reggie Bush is that he is not what the team needs. Dominick Davis has rushed for over 1,000 yds in each of his two previous seasons with the Texans. And that is with two seasons of offensive line problems, not to mention the Texans signed him to a big contract just this year. He is a dual threat back with some of the best hands at his position in the entire league. What the heck do you need Reggie Bush for? Sure, he is the best RB in the draft, but I can’t help but see this as a ploy by the Texans to cash in while trading down.

The Texans need help on the line, OT D’Brickashaw Ferguson fills that need nicely and will be available much later in the draft. DE Mario Williams out of North Carolina State fills probably their biggest need but, unless they are only trading down a few spots, Houston would need to use that top choice on him as it is unlikely he will last long. The early favorite to head to the Bayou City, Vince Young, QB out of the University of Texas, is pretty much out of the running since the Texans extended David Carr’s contract.

Whether they select Reggie as the #1 pick and trade him or just make the move on draft day before the selection, don’t count on seeing Reggie Bush in the Lone Star State unless somehow he is wearing a star on his helmet… and that isn’t very likely.