Well, as it turns out, just about everyone except me had plans for the Memorial Day weekend. Tony went to Cancun or Cuba or Cozumel or someplace with a “C.” He left Ginger with me for the week and from the looks of things, she is quite comfortable.

What? You told me to make myself at home.

In addition to the house guest, I have been asked to take care of the neighbor’s dog in their home. I go over there a couple times a day, let the dog out, check the food and water, and just spend some quality time with Clancy. She is deaf so she never hears me coming. That is why it is easy to catch her in moments like this.

What? It’s my house.. of course I am making myself comfortable.

And what would a post about dogs be without the superstar of all dogs – my buddy, Lou. With all these dog smells on me, he was making sure that there was no mistaking who I belonged to.

If I lay here and pretend to sleep, he won’t go play with any other dogs.

Overall, as you can see – it was not a particularly active weekend… and you know what? That’s just the way we all liked it.