prince american idol foxForget Prince’s stand against the record labels… it is obvious that stand is over. You remember it, Prince changed his name to a symbol in protest of the “slavery” of the recording industry. He was a revolutionary.

The revolution is over and Prince is the Benedict Arnold. He was front and center at American Idol… the epitome of a recording industry monopoly. This after he has publicly stated he hates the show. Apparently, he will lay down with anyone to keep his album on the charts.

Sure, some relative unknowns are being made famous, but from what former co-host Brian Dinkelman says, winners sign contracts to only record with companies owned by the show’s producers and to allow related agencies to manage their careers. Their deals are reported to be worse than most traditional contracts as they maintain total control over the careers of contractees.

But, what else is new? These self-important stars from all areas of entertainment are always preaching about what is wrong with one side of their mouth and sucking on the corporate teet with the other.