When I saw The DaVinci Code was being made into a movie, I thought there is no way to pull this off well. The story is too twisted, the ideas too complex, and the facts too many to fit comfortably. I just couldn’t see how they could fit enough into a 2-3 hour film. I also thought that if it was going to do well, it really needed to be cast with relative unknowns. When I heard that it had Tom Hanks and was being directed by Ron Howard, I felt even more hesitance about it turning out well. Not because either is bad at what they do, but because I thought it needed a less mainstream team. For those reasons, I still have my doubts about how good it will be.

Because of something I saw on television this morning, however, I actually want it to do well. I saw numerous Christian shows in a concerted effort to debunk the book. No biggie… that is to be expected. What is a biggie is the arguments they are using. Silly things like “You cannot trust any of the facts because Dan Brown refers to Leonardo DaVinci as DaVinci. Everyone knows that no scholar would call him that… they all refer to him as Leonardo.”

That’s it? That’s it? Thats your friggin’ proof that all of the facts in the book are bunk? What sort of sheep do you think are following you? Oh wait, you actually refer to your flock as sheep over and over in the Bible. Of course you expect them to believe you.

It doesn’t end there… Sunday morning was full of what appear to be church-sponsored infomercials. These are highly produced pieces shot in an educational style, featuring well-spoken critics of The DaVinci Code. The critics are shot in fancy libraries and university settings, but for some reason… few of them have their name or credentials listed as is common practice in real edutainment shows. When a name is given… it is something like “John Smith, So-and-so Church.” Duh… of course they are going to be anti-Dan Brown.

Do I believe everything I read in the book? Uh no… I don’t believe everything I read in ANY book. Do I believe that Dan Brown took liberties with the facts and that it is a completely fictionalized story? Sure. It is an action adventure. BUT. Do I think that the claim of a married Jesus and a more important position in history for Mary Magdalene and women in general COULD be true? Sure… there is as much compelling evidence of this truth as of other TRUTHs.

I didn’t want to root for this film because I felt it was taking a book that I enjoyed and likely ruining it… now, I just want it to do well regardless.

Oh and if you missed them… you can PURCHASE a copy of one of these religitainment shows from Dr. James Kennedy. At $25 a copy…. he should do quite well from all the controversy.


I don’t know… the figure on Jesus’ right (our left) sure looks like a female to me.